Saturday, September 5, 2015


What an odd title for a first blog post as you may say. I want to explain, but first let me introduce myself (the old school way). My name is Krisella and this is my literary blog. It's a rainy Saturday night from where I'm at and I might say that thoughts are pouring (Pun intended, No? Okay). Can I just say that I am happy to finally start writing here. I created this url months ago but I just don't have the will to start it. Finally, a trigger came.

Love May Fail, but so did Churros

"OLA!!" The servers from La Lola's Churreria would say as I enter their store for the first time. We were pressured (Okay, "hyped") to try it because photos of people lining up for their Churros were all over the internet. It's funny because I never thought I hated Churros until I tried the best one in town. Just because everyone loves it doesn't mean you'll like it as well. Anyway, the relevance of the title to this blog post is that I can compare creating this blog with my failed attempt on that Churro experience. This is the part where the server greets me. Ola! And right now, I'm in the line while waiting to figure out if this is a good idea or not. Well isn't that a great way to put a new meaning to metaphor.

Now maybe you're asking me, What is the trigger? Two hours ago I finished reading "Love May Fail" by Matthew Quick. A week ago I even attended his book signing event here in the Philippines and I must say that it's one for the books. I read all four of his published books in our country and they're nothing like I've read before. I wanted to rave about him and his amazing way of writing which apparently is the game changer for me since Dystopian novels or "Futuristic Thrillers" is what I've been reading mostly for the past few years of active reading. This year, I noticed the variety of books that interests me and so I thought of writing my thoughts about them. On the contrary, reading Matthew Quick books (and listening to him talk) made me hate people who rate and review book authors. So how should I put it? I admit that I'm one of those Goodreads users who rates books with only 2 stars when I'm not feeling the book that I just read. He's right when he wrote that people who makes author feel bad abot their writing are just jealous because they can't publish a novel themselves. Yes, I am jealous because it's hard to write one, and I don't want to continue writing negativity. But I want to start a blog that writes about my positive experience with the books that I'm reading.

In some ways (another metaphor alert!), maybe reading books is like finding out if you like Churros. Some people may love it to the extent of not minding a 30 minute line just to grab a copy or bite. But that doesn't mean that everyone must love it just because other people do. We are all entitled of our own opinion may it be about Churros or a book we come to like. I don't want this blog to tell people what to hate or love. This blog will be a reference or a journal of what made me line up for the experience.

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